Student Presentations

Students in their final year of WCMS must create an educational presentation on a current topic in the financial services industry. Students develop a unique perspective on a contemporary challenge, and persuasively articulate their thesis to their peers. Student presentations are evaluated by two separate WCMS faculty members for both content and persuasiveness of argument. …

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Negotiation Strategy

Presents theoretical principles and concepts from psychology, sociology, and economics to improve practical negotiations skills.  Class participants learn not only to enhance their individual abilities, but also to analyze contexts for the most effective application of these skills. Course includes experiential learning, i.e. negotiations simulations.

Introduction to Project II- Online via Zoom – August 2024

This course prepares students to use the skills from their first two years of WCMS to create a strategic plan for their credit union.  The project requires students to explore historical trends and forecast future financial conditions in order to create and analyze a business plan for their credit union.

Introduction to Project I – Online via Zoom – August 2024

This course prepares students to use the skills from their first year of WCMS to analyze the strategic position of their credit union.  Project I exposes students to the major functional areas of their credit union and assists them in developing the skills to explain the strategic interaction between these areas for credit union operation.

Executive Presentation Skills

This course explores how to effectively, authentically and consistently influence others.  Provides practical skills and techniques to improve day-to-day communication and build a personal brand and persuasive influence.  


This course presents the elements of effective communication with application to appropriate writing styles for business.  Students will develop appropriate communication styles to use when working with colleagues using various technological means.