Why Attend Western CUNA Management School (WCMS)?

In our changing and uncertain world, it is more evident than ever that the long-term success of our credit unions depends on the professional development of our people. For more than 60 years, Western CUNA Management School has helped credit union management staff meet the challenges of the future. Western CUNA Management School offers a powerful, up-to-date curriculum. It prepares today’s and tomorrow’s credit union people with the depth and breadth they need to contribute to their credit union’s success and their own personal career goals — depth of knowledge to help them do their jobs better — breadth of background to make them more well-rounded and valuable members of management. In addition to receiving solid academic training and practical background, students at Western CUNA Management School establish strong professional networks throughout the credit union movement that benefit both themselves and their credit unions. A diploma from Western CUNA Management School has come to be recognized as a distinction and a mark of accomplishment. The American Council on Education’s College Recommendation Service (ACE Credit) has evaluated and recommended college credit for Western CUNA Management School.

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A School for Credit Union Professionals

Those who have prepared will succeed in the increasingly competitive financial services industry. Those who haven’t run the risk of being left behind. Western CUNA Management School helps credit union professionals prepare themselves to keep pace with a rapidly changing business environment. The school is designed for managers and upper-level operational staff who have set credit union management as their career goal and understand the need to keep abreast of developments in our industry. Western CUNA Management School’s educational program includes courses in Strategic Planning, Operations, Lending, Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Economics, Business Law, Communications, Leadership and more. Graduates who have developed their skills and knowledge at the school have moved into positions of responsibility and leadership at some of the nation’s leading credit unions. Many of them also hold key positions in chapters, leagues, CUNA, and credit union professional societies. Whether the goal is career advancement or simply to stay on top of changes within the industry, no school, conference or seminar in the country can offer credit union professionals a program that surpasses that of Western CUNA Management School.

The Pomona College Experience

For two weeks each summer, Pomona College, a premier college, is transformed into one of the leading credit union schools in the nation. Located on a beautiful tree-lined campus in Claremont, California near the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains, the school is a place where credit union professionals from throughout the west meet to attend classes on a wide variety of management topics, exchange ideas, and participate in shared activities outside the classroom. During the two weeks of highly concentrated academic and practical training, students also participate in various non-academic activities designed by the school and by the students themselves. This interaction is an important part of the school experience. Besides offering a respite from the demanding academic schedule, it provides an opportunity for students to build teamwork, develop their interpersonal and leadership skills, and build credit union friendships and professional networks that will last throughout their lives.


Diana R. Dykstra '92


Dr. Michael Steinberger

Dean and Chief Academic Officer

Mark Klinkert


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Brandi Gleason '13

Provost and Chief Operating Officer

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Cory McDaniel '18

Director of Campus Activities

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Cyndee Lemon '12

Director of Support Services