Behavioral Psychology, Human Resources And Organizational Behavior

Managing a High-Performance Organization

This course focuses on tools and frameworks to create and sustain a high-performing organization.  We will discuss research-backed practices for managing individuals and providing and receiving effective feedback. Through interactive lectures and cases students will explore how to create a culture of empowerment that allows teams to unleash their full genius and to better learn …

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Organizational Management

This course provides an introduction to management for organizational effectiveness.  Students will explore research and techniques to improve communication and inspire others. By exploring the benefits and limitations of different leadership and communication styles, students will expand their ability to motivate and provide purpose for their teams.

Organizational Behavior

This course covers the basic principles of organizational behavior and management, including how individuals make decisions and motivate others, how to influence groups, and how to exert leadership throughout an organization.

Behavioral Psychology

The theories and empirical findings of psychology and the relationship between the mind and human behavior.  How do patterns from academic research help us to predict actions and behaviors, and form better habits and business decisions.