David M. Ellings ’89

Director of Campus Activities

David Ellings is Vice President of Lending at South Bay Credit Union in Redondo Beach, California. He has been at the credit union since 1982. He oversees the lending and collection functions of the Credit Union. Before becoming a credit union professional, David worked for USLIFE/Imperial S&L, starting out as a teller and working his way to assistant branch manager. David has received professional training in management, credit and collections, financial management, and sales & service. He holds a B.A. degree in Theatre Arts from UCLA. (Go Bruins!) He was a member of the 1989 Lambda Class of Western CUNA Management School.

David has volunteered his services to the credit union movement in many ways. David has served on the Beach Cities and Southwest Chapter Board of Governors for 22 years. David was a WCMS graduate assistant to the 1990 Mu and 1991 Nu classes. In 1991 he chaired the steering committee for the Palm Tree Conference in California. He has also served six years as District Delegate for the Southwest Chapter of the California Credit Union League where he has served on many League committees, including Fiscal Affairs, Bylaws and Awards.

He has been Director of Campus Activities at WCMS since 1992. In July 2007, David received the “Unsung Hero” award from the California Credit Union League for his continued participation and commitment in credit union movement.

In his spare time David enjoys going to the theater. He enjoys reading, playing cards, going to the gym, and traveling (especially to Walt Disney World).

At Western CUNA Management School David is responsible for coordinating the non-academic side of campus life. He works closely with the classes, through the Graduate Assistants, in planning their events and activities, chairs the student council, and supervises the graduate assistants.