Brandi Gleason ’13

Provost and Chief Operating Officer

Brandi Gleason’s unwavering dedication to the credit union movement began in 2002 when she commenced her career as a front-line teller at BECU in Washington state. Her journey in the world of credit unions unfolded with a dynamic spectrum of operational roles, as she lent her talents to institutions like SkyOne Federal Credit Union and Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union.

With her passion for credit unions ablaze, Brandi’s impact reached new heights as she assumed the role of Director of Member Resources at the Northwest Credit Union Association. In this influential capacity, she collaborated with credit unions spanning Washington, Oregon, and Alaska, broadening her knowledge and support for the industry.

Brandi’s contributions extended beyond her tenure at the Association, as she took the lead in spearheading implementation teams for both Trustage and Meridianlink. Her strategic insights and dedication were instrumental in ensuring the successful execution of key projects within the credit union sphere.

She is a proud high honors graduate from the Lambda Class of 2013. Her commitment to excellence led to her appointment as a graduate assistant, a role she further enhanced as a “Super Graduate Assistant.” Subsequently, her exceptional contributions led to her invitation to join the administrative team of the school, where she held the pivotal role of Director of Support Services for an impressive nine years. This dedication and leadership culminated in her recent appointment as Provost and Chief Operating Officer.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management and Operations from Washington State University, and she solidified her expertise with the completion of her MBA from Eastern Washington University in 2021.

Brandi’s journey is a testament to her indomitable commitment to the credit union movement, to shaping its future leaders and her unwavering dedication to delivering excellence in the industry.