First Year  
Strategic Management for Credit Unions Steinberger, Michael
Project Management Williams, Darren
Organizational Behavior Bligh, Michele
Introduction to Business Law Adler, Bill | Pearson, Bruce
Economics I/II Kuehlwein, Michael | Steinberger, Michael
Credit Union History and Philosophy Meyer, Mark
Introduction to Project I Birnie, Bill | Murray, Wally
Behavioral Psychology Weekes, Nicole
Financial Management I/II Hampel, Bill | Stephenson, Matt
Managing Self and Others Eggleton, Harry
Second Year  
Credit Union Operations Birnie, Bill
Effective Business Writing Dettmar, Kevin
Executive Presentation Skills Hanke, Stacey
Financial Analysis Stephenson, Matt
Managing Legal Risks Adler, Bill
Risk Management Moulton, Dan
Regulation and Political Advocacy Simpson, Scott
Effective Culture Hanley, Rudy
Introduction to Project II Mesler, Ray | Stephenson, Matt
Managing the Human Resource Eggleton, Harry
Money and Financial Institutions Kuehlwein, Michael
Third Year  
Financial Simulation Stephenson, Matt
Credit Union Technology and Change Panel Hamilton, Brian| Lobb, Jonathan | Manus, Shazia
Project II Presentations Faculty
Negotiation Strategy Unzueta, Miguel
Business Ethics Unzueta, Miguel
Strategic Marketing Goldman, Neil
Economic Trends Facing Credit Unions Steinberger, Michael
Leadership Eggleton, Harry
Innovation and Entrepreneurship I Meyer, Mark
Innovation and Entrepreneurship II Meyer, Mark
Credit Union Strategy Dykstra, Diana
Financial Simulation Presentations Stephenson, Matt
Personal Strategic Development Steinberger, Michael
All Classes  
Credit Union Philosophy Diana Dykstra '92