Alumni Association

The WCMS Alumni Association was formed in 1985 by a group of former students that wanted to keep giving back to the school.

The WCMS Alumni Association is a support mechanism for the school and students by promoting lifelong learning through scholarships, communication and networking opportunities.

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Alumni Association Board

Robert York '10, President
ILWU Credit Union

Ryan Olsen '09, 1st Vice President
Pacific NW Federal Credit Union

Ray Mesler '98, 2nd Vice President
Downey Federal Credit Union

Debbi Minero '03, Treasurer
First City Credit Union

Shonna Shearson '07, Secretary
Kern Schools Federal Credit Union

Patty Jimenez, '11, Assistant Secretary
Southland Credit Union

Warren Alderson '13
San Francisco Federal Credit Union

Nathaniel (Nate) Burns '11

Denise Mattice '09
Extensia Financial

Arnold Ramirez '15
ThinkWise Credit Union

Steven Schmidle '10
Elevations Credit Union

Eleanor Heng '01 (Associate Director)
Orange County's Credit Union

Ryan Kane  '14 (Associate Director)
Ontario Montclair School Employees Federal Credit Union

Jeff Morris '17 (Associate Director)
Sandia Labs Federal Credit Union

Bob Toohey '75, Chairman Emeritus