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Students attend the school for three two-week terms over consecutive summers. The university level faculty is made up of distinguished professors, attorneys, high level credit union professionals and consultants. To promote the learning experience, students live in Pomona College dormitories and take their meals in its dining halls.

In addition to the three annual sessions, students complete a written project between each term: Project I, an analysis of the student's credit union, and Project II, which involves strategic planning for the credit union's future. Students also take a comprehensive examination at the end of each school year.

Year 1
During the first summer, the program focuses on modern management practices and principles. Each class is designed so that what is taught will directly relate to the student's own credit union. Subject areas include:

  • Strategic Market Positioning
  • Financial Management
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Economics
  • Business Law
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing
  • Legal and Ethical Standards of Behavior
  • Credit Union History and Philosophy

Year 2
In the second summer, students undertake an in-depth study of the functional and operational aspects of credit unions, especially their role in the financial marketplace. They also explore in-depth topics covered in Project I. Subject areas include:

  • Issues in Credit Union Operations
  • Money and Financial Institutions
  • Personnel Law
  • Corporate Law for Credit Unions
  • Credit Unions Face the Economy
  • Managing the Human Resource
  • Risk Management
  • Branding
  • Executive Presentation Skills

Year 3
During the third and final year of the school, the curriculum leads students through a computer simulation of a credit union’s finances to help them plan for the future of their own credit unions. In addition, students participate in a thorough analysis of issues raised in Project II. Subject areas include:

  • Credit Union Strategy and Operations
  • Financial Simulation
  • Executive Presentations
  • Politics & Political Action
  • Technology and Delivery Systems
  • Business Ethics
  • Economic Trends Facing Credit Unions
  • Leadership
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Credit Union Systems and Alliances

Western CUNA Management School is sponsored by the Leagues of Alaska, California, Hawaii, Idaho, and Nevada; the Mountain West Credit Union Association representing Arizona, Colorado and Wyoming; the Montana Credit Union Network; the Credit Union Association of New Mexico; the Northwest Credit Union Association representing Oregon and Washington; and the Utah Credit Union Association in cooperation with Pomona College.


For questions and inquiries please contact:

Nancy Wood,
Director of School Administration
Western CUNA Management School
2885 E. Guasti Rd.,
Suite 600
Ontario, CA 91761-1250

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 51476
Ontario, CA 91761-0076

(800) 472-1702, ext. 6059 nancyw@wcmspomona.org
Fax (909) 354-3109


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